Dec. 13–Effects of pre-historic humans on marsh geomorphology [slides]

Lecture Material

  • Title: Effects of pre-historic humans on marsh geomorphology
  •  Given by: Victor Thompson, University of Georgia
  • Date: Dec 13, 2013

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Dec. 6–Kelp forests, hydrodynamics and ecological processes [Readings]

Lecture info
• Title: Kelp forests, hydrodynamics and ecological processes
• Given by: Bob Miller, University of California, Santa Barbara
• Date & time: Friday, December 6 at 4pm Eastern Time

Associated Readings

  • Gaylord, B., K. J. Nickols, and L. Jurgens. 2012. Roles of transport and mixing processes in kelp forest ecology. J Exp Biol 215: 997-1007. [Gaylord et al 2012]
  • Palardy, J. E., and J. D. Witman. 2011. Water flow drives biodiversity by mediating rarity in marine benthic communities. Ecology Letters 14: 63-68. [Palardy and Witman 2011]

Nov. 23–Benthic microbial communities in coastal wetlands [Readings]

Lecture info
• Title: Benthic microbial communities in coastal wetlands
• Given by: Evelyn Gaiser, Florida International University
• Date & time: Friday, November 23 at 4pm Eastern Time

Associated Readings
• Hagerthey, S. E., B. J. Bellinger, K. Wheeler, M. Gantar and E. Gaiser.  2011.  Everglades periphyton: A biogeochemical perspective.  Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology.  41: 309-3434 [Hagerthey et al 2011 CREST Periphyton]
• McGlathery, K., K. Sundback, and P. Fong.  2012.  Estuarine Benthic Algae.  Estuarine Ecology.  2nd Ed.  203-234 [McGlathery et al. 2013 Estuarine Ecology]