How to participate

If you wish to take this course for credit, you need to enroll in one of the courses listed on the first page or arrange a “special topics” course with a willing instructor at your home institution. If you simply wish to sit in on the lectures, you are welcome to do so without formally enrolling. In either case, please email the course organizer, Steven Pennings, at so that he can add you to the email list for course-related announcements. All you’ll need is a computer with a high-speed connection to the internet.

Please use the following link to log in: You need a good internet connection. Ethernet is better than wireless. The first time you log in, you may need to download a flash plugin. This takes only a couple seconds. Sign in as “guest”. Steve Pennings will then allow you to enter the meeting. This may take a couple minutes if a lot of people are entering at the same time. The software has a chat function where you can type comments and icons that you can click to “raise your hand” to ask a question. We will enable video for some participants, but perhaps not all if the number of participants grows large. We will enable your microphone when you are recognized to ask a question.


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